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Pop-rock band “sayNO” releases a new album “When I Spent My Time With You” with the track “Summerheat” on top. This album will satisfy the expectations of pop-rock and pop-punk lovers. Containing the cover version of Pathetic (Blink-182) will make the fans remember the style of punk-rock style beginners.

Romantic, sincere and a little bit naive it was created in the best punk-rock traditions so that it will definitely appeal to lots of young people and the fans of good high-quality music. Thanks!

 sayNO - 2011 - My Own Life Style (single)

Download: http://ifolder.ru/25910377


sayNO - 2011 - Дед Мороз (Новый Год) (single)

Download (6 mb): http://ifolder.ru/21140768



sayNO - 2010 - When I Spent My Time With You! (EP)01 - Summerheat02 - Back On The Ground03 - The Day Before04 - She So Stupid05 - Pathetic (Blink-182 cover)

Download (mp3 - 192kb): http://ifolder.ru/18209345Download (mp3 - 320kb): http://ifolder.ru/19110664


sayNO - 2008 - The Last Snots About Girls01 - Mary
02 - Follow Me
03 - Looking For A Girlfriend
04 - Summerheat
05 - Show Me The World
06 - Get Out
07 - Crazy
08 - A Wrong Way

09 - Твой День (Bonus)

Download: http://ifolder.ru/17551933


sayNO - 2007 - On The Road (SD Single)

01 - Intro Speech02 - Summer Feeling03 - On The Road04 - Sorry05 - You Are Home06 - Broken07 - Last Hope (Instrumental)08 - Please Take Me Home (Blink-182 Cover)09 - Sayno Speech For Fans

Download: http://ifolder.ru/17355241

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